How to clean the RAM and optimize the PC?

Advantages of the solution

Program Advanced SystemCare can rightly be called – a lifesaver for all occasions. And for good reason! After all, with its help, you can: clean the computer’s RAM, speed up the operating system as a whole, fix registry errors, check the drivers for relevance, protect Windows from spyware, viruses, malware, etc. In work, it is very simple and straightforward, and most importantly, optimized for any modification of Windows. After a quick installation of the software in the window that opens, go to the “Tools” tab.

RAM monitoring component for PRO

The “RAM” component is a kind of a mini-program that monitors the level of virtual memory, physical and central processor load. It can be used to defragment RAM (Random Access Memory), thereby freeing up to 20% of the resource. For more convenience, we recommend activating the automatic cleaning of RAM memory, which provides such advantages: monitoring the use of RAM by the system in real time, auto-release, intelligent resource management and increasing the speed of the OS.

Tool for owners of the FREE version

If you are not yet ready to purchase an extended version of the application, then we suggest evaluating its free base. After all, you can clear the RAM on Windows without attachments! To do this, right-click on the program icon in the system tray and select “Open performance monitor” in the context menu. In the window that appears, a list of all open programs, running applications and background processes will be displayed. Mark unnecessary programs and applications that you do not use a check mark and click on the “End Process” button. You can also simply click the “Clear RAM” button.

System acceleration

The final step in solving the problem of how to free up RAM on your computer using Advanced SystemCare Ultimate will be the activation of the accelerator. To do this, go to the Acceleration tab and launch Turbo Acceleration. That’s it, the RAM cleaning procedure is over, and you can enjoy the relatively high speed of your PC. Please note that the program works in the background, and this in turn helps to stabilize the normal functioning of the system and allows you to keep control on it.

Another method of cleaning RAM

Advantages of the program

The Computer Accelerator program is an effective tool for increasing the speed of the system. Among its key features, I especially want to highlight: the ability to correct errors and optimize the registry, automatically clean the hard disk of all kinds of garbage, create tasks using the built-in scheduler, restore the system after a failure, uninstall programs and components, monitor the OS, etc. Immediately after the application opens automatically, it is recommended to launch a computer scan in order to detect and eliminate the problems identified.

Error correction

Upon completion of the system scan, the screen will display the result of the work performed with the program’s suggestion to automatically correct all errors in one click. You can do this either, or go to each tab separately and familiarize yourself with the detailed report before cleaning. Also, if you consider it necessary not to delete any data – uncheck them. Before you finish working with the utility, we recommend that you go to the “Startup” tab and remove all unnecessary components from there. This will particularly affect the speed of the system at the time of launch Windows.

Increase free memory of a Windows computer

Utility features

If your computer is slow, the Wise Care 365 program is a great option for improving performance. Using its functionality, you can easily compress, clean and defragment the registry, reliably protect confidential data, delete unnecessary files and recover accidentally deleted data, track active memory consumption processes, etc. Also worth noting is a simple interface. After installing and running the utility, go to the “Optimization” tab.

System optimization

Here you have the opportunity to get acquainted with each item and, if you wish, remove the mark, or put it the other way around. In any case, after that, press the “Optimize” button in the upper right corner. Please note that upon completion of this process, which takes less than 3 minutes, you need to restart the computer.

Manual termination of processes

In order to maximally free up RAM on Windows, it is necessary to go to the “System” tab and manually close unnecessary system processes, which, without much need and advantage, consume the resource and slow down the performance of the PC as a whole. To do this, you must perform the following actions: click on the item, at the very end of the line call the context menu and click “Finish”. Now your system works significantly faster, and this is another proof that the above method is effective.

Using third-party applications to solve the issue of cleaning the RAM is quite simple, because all processes are automated and do not require special skills or knowledge. Consequently, if you follow our detailed and visual aid, then even a novice can perform these operations. But also you should not forget that the system also provides for standard methods for cleaning the operating memory! For example, you can use the msgbox utility, which closes unnecessary processes or download a third-party solution MZ Ram Booster, which also has a good reputation. But if nothing helps, and it’s not possible to increase the amount of RAM, we have some more practical advice.

Cleanup autorun

Many programs in the installation process add themselves to autoload, which in turn loads the RAM at system startup. But is it advisable? After all, some software during the session may not be used, therefore we recommend cleaning this list and reducing it to a minimum. To do this, open the system configuration with the combination (combination) of the Win + R keys and type the “msconfig” command. Then click “OK”. Open the “Startup” menu and remove all its unnecessary components at its own discretion.

* In the latest modifications of Windows, this operation is done through the corresponding tab in the “Task Manager”. You can carry out similar actions using the above-mentioned special utilities, the more it will be much faster and safer!

Setup paging file

The default Windows operating system automatically installs the paging file, which is then used to expand the available RAM. In the future, the OS independently adjusts it, but in some cases manual tuning will help to increase the speed.

To make changes to the settings for the paging file, go to the following path: Control Panel – System and Security – System – Advanced System Settings. Now open the “Advanced” item and go to the “Parameters” of the “Speed” item. Again, open the “Advanced” menu, tick the “Optimize the work of programs” and click “Change.”

How to set up the page file correctly:

  • By default, the system paging file is hidden by settings. Therefore, the first step is to enable the display of hidden files in Explorer. Be extremely careful – do not accidentally delete it. The paging file is named: pagefile.sys;
  • In the event that you have two hard disks installed on your PC, it is highly recommended to set the paging file on a non-system disk;
  • The larger the amount of RAM installed, the smaller the file size. Remember: an excessively large file size does not speed up your computer at all! The most optimal size is considered to be the one that does not exceed 150% of the amount of installed RAM;
  • Many experts recommend defragmenting the paging file.
  • Additionally, it is recommended to disable visual effects.

Doing all the proposed manipulations, you definitely speed up the work of your car! And this was the main task of this review! But if your computer works even slowly after such processes, it slows down … think about upgrading its components or it may be more expedient to purchase a modern model.

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