How to speed up your computer on Windows 7

Let us tell you how to speed up Windows 7. If you are using an older version of Windows, you can still use some tips. For example, point 2 and 3. In general, it is better to keep up with the times and use new software versions. Since they are more reliable and improved. Let’s start?

  1. Turn off visual effects.

By itself, Windows 7 is very, very beautiful. Therefore, I personally turned off only a couple of visual effects. You turn off those that you do not need. How to do it?

  1. Go to the “Counters and Performance Tools” section. To do this, click Start and select Control Panel. In the search field, enter “Counters and Performance Tools”, and then in the results list, select “Counters and Performance Tools”.
  2. Select “Customize Visual Effects”.
  3. Uncheck the following effects (this is my opinion):
  • 1.Animation in the Start menu and taskbar
  • 2.Animation of windows when collapsing and deploying
  • 3.Display shadows cast by windows
  1. Effects of fading or sliding when prompted

I hope you figure it out. Again, you remove the tick from those items that you do not need. Do not forget to click “Apply”.

  1. Disable autorun unnecessary programs.

When Windows 7 starts up, various programs start automatically. Naturally they are not needed. But many do not know how to turn off their automatic start. And make it easy.

  1. Go to the “Start” menu, then to the “Control Panel”.
  2. In the window that appears, select the item “Administration”:
  3. Next, double-click the left mouse button, click on the item “System Configuration”:
  4. In the top menu of the window that appears, click on “Startup”:

Here we remove the tick from those programs that we do not need. In principle, you can remove all the checkboxes. But I have only 4 programs that I always need after the system has booted.

  1. Disable unnecessary services.

There are many services on our computer that we don’t need at all. Let’s turn off some of them. But before that, run all the programs that you usually use on your computer, also turn on the movie or music. Why do you need it? To identify the services that we need in everyday life. Once you have started the program, follow the 3 steps from step 2 (Disable autorun of unnecessary programs.).

In the top menu of the window that appears, click on “Services”. 5) Remove the check mark from those services where the Status – Stopped:

  1. Remove unnecessary gadgets.

Windows 7 gadgets are undoubtedly easy to manage and greatly simplify our computer work. But on the other hand, they spend the resources of our system. Therefore, install only essential gadgets. For example, I generally have only 1 gadget – “Weather forecast” and that’s it. Therefore, clean your desktop. For example, why do you need a gadget – “clock”, if the time can be viewed in the lower right corner. Well, the calendar still did not go anywhere. In general, act.

  1. Remove extra programs.

I think there is little to explain. Just go to the “Control Panel”, then “Programs and Features” and remove those programs that you do not use. You do not need them, but simply spend resources. Well that’s all. Now you can easily increase computer performance. By the way, I almost forgot about the most important advice – DO NOT BLIND THE WORKING DESK OF THE TRAILABLE LABELS!. Now everything is exactly.

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