Programs to speed up the computer

Even the most powerful computers running the Windows operating system sooner or later require optimization of work. Fortunately, the user does not have to manually clean the OS libraries and deal with the registry. Special programs will remove system garbage and optimize in one click. You just need to find the best solution.

Advanced SystemCare Free

Rating: 10/10

Advanced SystemCare – “Swiss Knife” among optimization packages. This software can speed up the work of even the most “hopeless patients” with outdated versions of Windows OS on board and a small amount of RAM. All unnecessary, temporary files will be deleted, errors corrected, and malicious elements destroyed. Try it! The program can not only be downloaded for free, but also used at no cost.

Features of the Advanced SystemCare utilities package:

  • Powerful set of tools under a single interface;
  • The presence of many tools to control all aspects of the PC;
  • Manual and automatic cleaning modes;
  • Malware Scanner;
  • Assistant to resolve problems with the Internet;
  • Extreme optimization mode “Turbo”;
  • Tweaking OS settings.

Computer Accelerator

Rating: 9.8 / 10

Computer Accelerator is an excellent multifunctional solution from domestic developers. The program is a “combine” to optimize the computer with the ability to fully automatic start on the scheduler and manual checks. Also included are special utilities for searching large files, duplicates, and other free MBs. Immediately after the first use of the Computer Accelerator, you will experience a significant increase in performance. Here and for the license to pay is not a pity.

Features of the Computer Accelerator application:

  • Simple and friendly interface;
  • Work in manual and automatic mode;
  • Complete cleaning of the PC from garbage in 5 minutes;
  • Increase the speed of the computer;
  • The author’s algorithm of work;
  • Useful utilities for finding and deleting files / programs included;
  • Monitoring system status with reports in a simple form;
  • Low license cost.

Wise Care 365

Rating: 9.3 / 10

Wise Care 365 is a good, free solution that clearly doesn’t spoil porridge. The utility performs all the basic steps necessary to properly clean a Windows computer on board; it boasts advanced defragmentation tools and a large number of useful additions. Each of the free utilities helps to solve certain complex tasks: creating a crypto-resistant password, complete disk cleaning, etc. It is also worth noting that in the application settings there is a built-in wizard for creating a portable version of the optimizer.

Features Wise Care 365:

  • Full functionality in the free version;
  • Advanced system diagnostics toolkit;
  • Good algorithm, stable performance;
  • Easy removal of the cache of all popular browsers;
  • The ability to create a portable copy of the application by regular means;
  • No need to separately install Wise registry cleaner.


Rating: 9/10

The program for optimizing the PC Chistilka differs from competing solutions by speed and ease. It practically does not take up space on the hard disk; it consumes minimal memory and processor resources; however, it does a lot of work. The application is designed for ordinary users without specific knowledge.

The utility scans in one click, and then cleans the laptop from junk and unnecessary files, carries out the correction of registry errors, removal of viruses, advertisements and toolbars from web browsers. All this will help to optimize your PC for maximum performance, improve the stability of the OS and increase the amount of free space.

Features and features of the application:

  • Improving the performance and acceleration of the computer;
  • Cleaning Windows from unnecessary and malicious files;
  • Remove ads and banners from the browser;
  • Autostart scan in the background;
  • High speed analysis;
  • Daily update of malicious databases.

System mechanic

Rating: 9/10

System Mechanic has been helping with cleanup and system optimization tasks since 1998. Almost 20 years of development and more than 36 million users worldwide is the best advertisement. Iolo System Mechanic Pro was created to increase the speed of your PC, its loading, get rid of garbage and streamline directories, take control of the processes in RAM, configure the system for exceptional performance and protect your machine from virus attacks. Despite the wide range of functions and good automation, this utility will appeal more to professionals than to beginners. She is perfectly balanced!

Features of the Cleaner System Mechanic Professional:

  • Stable work, caution regarding system files and records;
  • Noticeable and rapid increase in computer performance;
  • English speaking. but clear to any user interface;
  • Ability to configure the system and its hidden parameters;
  • Providing reports in a convenient form, monitoring the status of PC resources;
  • Duplicate removal utility and other useful additions only;
  • Compatible with all OS popular Windows: xp, 7, 8, 10 (x32, x64).

AusLogics BoostSpeed

Rating: 9/10

AusLogics BoostSpeed ​​is more expensive than the analogues described above, but the product has its own trump cards up its sleeve. The developers have already made a name for themselves, but they do not stop investing money in utility advertising. Naturally, the costs are embedded in its price, but the functionality is quite good. AusLogics BoostSpeed ​​is a completely safe program for optimizing computer performance. Suppose that in some aspects it loses to competitors, but never damages system files. There were no cases of OS crashes after it. Reviews are mostly positive.

Features of AusLogics BoostSpeed:

  • disk cleaner + registry defragmenter in one bottle;
  • Availability of tools to check the “iron” in the kit;
  • The ability to use the base module for free;
  • Powerful functionality for working with files;
  • Optimization of RAM in real time;
  • Significant acceleration of the machine load;
  • Expansion of a single license for 5 PCs.

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